This project is inspired on the wish of 2 life long friends wanting to give back to the world and live closer to nature.

Through this project we combine our private lives and our business ideas with the same underlying philosophy; a pure lifestyle both ethically as eco-friendly. At Vida Pura the stunning natural environment brings people closer to their own inner nature. This beautiful land and the region around it serves as the background for our retreats and self-catering accommodation.
We hope to inspire our guests and visitors to live in a more ecological way and to give back to the world. We offer the opportunity to experience more inner peace just be being here for a relaxing holiday, or in one of our health & well-being retreats. Our doors are also wide open for other organisations wanting to organize their retreats or events.
Our aim is to live as self-sustainable as possible and to work and live hand in hand with nature. At the moment we are self-sustainable in regards to our energy production (solar and wind). We operate more than 100% CO2 neutral through overproduction and selling back solar energy to the grid. We have a farm where we grow our own food based on bio-dynamic principles, but we also still depend on outside food suppliers. We harvest our own water for both domestic and gardening purposes and we treat our waste water on site. Please click the following link
5 elements of self-sustainability to see how we aim to live self-sustainably.
We operate as environment friendly as we can. We recycle the biggest part of our waste (paper, plastic, glass, metal, food & garden waste). Developing this project we tried to use where possible natural materials and/or materials with as little embodied energy as possible. So long as durability and compliance with local legislation were assured. We use ecological building principles and all our houses have an A+ energy certificates with A+ till A+++ appliances.
Last but not least, this project is humanitarian in nature, and our profit is put toward humanitarian projects. Our intention is to support projects from all over the world – both financially and with hands-on help. In this way we can do our bit to help those who devote their lives to selflessly offering aid to others: humans or animals in need. Both professionally and personally, we live ecologically and ethically as pure as possible. This is how we live our life the Vida Pura way.


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