Vida Pura Portugal Documentary| “eco retreat and inspiration land” | The Story, episode 1

Vida Pura Portugal Documentary

Vida Pura Portugal | "eco retreat and inspiration land" | The Story, episode 1.

Duration 47m07s

This is the story and background of Vida Pura Portugal. In this story you get to understand what the project is about and what it stands for. At the same time you get to know some of the characters that helped or are helping Vida Pura to move forward. Vida Pura is an eco retreat and inspiration land where one can come for a relaxing green holiday or participate in an exhilarating retreat. Vida Pura is all about living as self-sustainable as possible in balance with the natural resources around us. This is the backdrop for either our holiday guests that wish to spend their holidays in a greener more ecological way or the participants of a retreat here that like to be hosted in a center with proper ecological ethics.

Vida Pura's ethics do't stop here since this project's profit is directed towards ecological and humanitarian projects, such as: the Ocean Clean-up project, the Monsanto tribunal that took place in 2015 or our support in the fight against oil and gas projects that the Portuguese government is unfortunately helping to establish in this magnificant region and country as a whole. Furthermore Vida Pura is involved in local community projects. In 2017 a start was made with an organic garden for the local kindergarden to get kids more connected with growing your own food. The school kids visits Vida Pura as well for natural activities and connection with nature through our gardens, terrain and animals. For 2019 the intention is to start an even bigger garden in the adjacent elementary schoo.

Documentary by:

Yoeri Stor: director, cinematographer, editor & drone

Ran Hendriks: drone & interviews

Sean Austerberry: Interviews